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Jaki Penalosa is a designer whose creations embody the fusion of modern novelty with earthly elegance. She is known for utilizing Filipino indigenous fabrics to create wearable and timeless pieces encompassed in modern influence.

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Jaki Penalosa carried her label in more than 30 fashion shows abroad in the countries of China, Hong Kong, Norway, Milan, Austria, Canada, USA, and Cambodia and more notably the prestigious London Fashion Week.

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Jaki Penalosa, an Ilongga fashion designer for around 25 years. She specializes and uses the native hablon in her designs, thus promoting the use and wearability of Panay’s handwoven products.

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We use Iloilo Hand-woven fabrics, particularly Hablon and other Filipino indigenous plant fiber fabrics. We innovate the use of fabrics to ensure that Filipino indigenous fabrics remain visible in the fashion industry bot local and international.

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I’ve been a client of jaki for several years every design she creates for me is special. Creating your own identity thru her innovative designs creates a lot of confidence in oneself… you know the designs was just for you… I’m very proud of her!! Using our own native fabrics… handwoven is one way to express our love of our country… cheers!! To our ilonggo international designer!

Ar-len’e Martin, Registered Nurse, New York, U.S.A

Jaki’s designs is very unique, elegant and regal. Everytime I ask her to design for me or my husband Felix, it’s always stunning and she goes beyond my expectations. I feel confident and happy wearing her collection whether it’s an evening gown, Filipiniana or cocktail dresses. Filipinos or Canadians will usually commend the dress/gown I’m wearing and are amazed especially when they found out that its made of hablon. Thank you Jaki for always making me beautiful.

Micheele Guerrero, FSE Financial Group Inc. Calgary, Alberta

Jaki’s fashion sense is legendary. Her style is distinct. Be it in the simplest of cuts finished off with intricate embroidery, Jaki gives timeless elegance to each piece that always makes heads turn for a second look. Who am I wearing? Jaki. And I always get “Jaki. Oh.” And that passion and distinct touch has inspired her fellow designers. With Jaki on the lead, the local fabrics has gone global.

Junel Divinagracia, Iloilo City Tourism Officer

Jaki Penalosa is the leading fashion Designer and Multi-Awarded icon of the city of Love, Iloilo City. Her creation puts excitement into fashion. Internationally recognized in Asia, Europe, USA and Canada, Jaki’s creation is elegant and timeless. With her good eye for detail and a unique gift of understanding of color, texture and fabric especially our local Hablon Jaki will continue to bring Life to Fashion. As a Jaki Penalosa Long Time Satisfied Client, I highly recommend her masterpiece.

Natie Lasaleta Sotana, Canadian Immigration Consultant

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