About Jaki Peñalosa

Jaki Penalosa is a designer whose creations embody the fusion of modern novelty with earthly elegance. She is known for utilizing Filipino indigenous fabrics to create wearable and timeless pieces encompassed in modern influence.

A fashion designer for 25 years, her portfolio includes:

Fashion shows in Europe:

She carried her label in more than 30 fashion shows abroad in the countries of Norway, Milan, Austria, Canada, USA, and Cambodia and more notably the prestigious London Fashion Week.

Her popularity as a designer reached peaks as recipient of the following awards:

“Dungog sang Dakbanwa sang Iloilo Award” by City of Iloilo Government.

Ten Outstanding Women of Iloilo Award 2010

Galing Ilonggo Award

Outstanding Graduate in the Field of Arts Award by the University of San Agustin 2014

She is noted for her advocacy in the use of Iloilo Hand-woven fabrics, particularly Hablon and other Filipino indigenous plant fiber fabrics. Her innovative use of these fabrics has ensured that Filipino indigenous fabrics remain visible in the fashion industry both local and abroad.

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