Jaki Peñalosa

Seasoned Fashion designer Jaki Peñalosa’s name has become synonymous with sophisticated modern Filipiniana designs after more than thirty-five years in the business of fashion. Her exceptional talent has made her a household name and one of the most famous and respected Ilonggo in high-fashion and sustainable fashion circles, marrying contemporary chic with elegant traditional.

Jaki Peñalosa began designing when she was still in high school. Born to a prominent family in Villa Rica de Arevalo, her grandmother supported a vast community through local hand weaving and farming, and gave a significant contribution to the local economy thus making Iloilo the leading hand weavers of indigenous materials which are commonly known as “Hablon”.

Jaki finished her Bachelor of Sciences in Medicine, Nursing, and Biology degrees and was able to achieve her Master’s degree in Business Administration immediately after. However, her passion for designing and advocacy to continue the use of hablon fabrics drove her to stay in the fashion industry which led her to specialize in the use of indigenous handwoven products as a steady part of her designs may it be modern or traditional.

Jaki has won prestigious awards in recognition of her huge contribution to promoting Iloilo City’s hablon fabrics to both national and international audiences. She has done several fashion shows in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Canada, earning their respect for such innovative creations. The most prestigious of all was her fashion show during the London Fashion Week house of Icon, which gave her the respected title of Internationally acclaimed Fashion designer.

Not one who is content to just rest on her laurels, Jaki Peñalosa is a mentor to young designers, who are gaining fame in their own right. She is the former president of the designers Guild of Iloilo and has established the group as the City’s creative workforce for fashion and produced the annual Iloilo Designers Week in which many of the Ilonggo designers have jumpstarted their careers.


Jaki’s current shop is located on the 2nd Floor of Festive Walk Mall Iloilo at the designer’s Hub and at the same time Working from an atelier located at Bonifacio St. Arevalo Iloilo City. Jaki Peñalosa’s designs are sophisticated intricately handwoven embellished with meticulous Callado and embroideries for her unique but wearable and flattering creations.